Friday, May 22, 2009

Cave Tours in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is known for many things - historic battle sites, covered bridges, old cemeteries, charming B&B's, rail tours, vineyards and wineries. But, it's also known for some pretty spectacular caverns. That's caverns, not taverns.

Caves and caverns are fun to explore, allowing you to experience something that often feels otherworldly. A couple standout caves you might consider on your next Pennsylvania getaway:

Woodward Cave and Campground
148 Woodward Cave Dr.
Woodward, PA

Woodward Cave is one of the largest caverns in Pennsylvania, nicknamed "The Big One" because of its 5 large rooms. Tours of the cave include visits to these 4 rooms:

  • The Ballroom, which is used for square dances and banquets
  • The Dragon’s Den Room
  • The Hanging Forest, featuring the largest collection of stalactites found in the cave
  • 200-ft.-long Hall of Statues, with its 60-ft cathedral ceiling
Do remember to bring a warm jacket and proper footwear; the temperature in the cave is only 48 degrees.

There is also a 19-acre campground for those of you wishing to stay awhile. The campground is suitable for tents as well as RVs, with electricity and water.

Crystal Cave
963 Crystal Cave Rd.
Kutztown, PA

Located in Pennsylvania Dutch Country, Crystal Cave Park is one of the most popular natural attraction in Pennsylvania. Discovered in 1871 and visited by millions of people since, Tours descend 125 feet underground, where the temperature is a constant 54 degrees. Other attractions at the park include a miniature golf course, 125 wooded acres with nature trails, and a rock and mineral shop and museum.

Lost River Caverns
726 Durham St., Box M
Hellertown, PA 18055

The Lost River in the name refers to the clear waters which move through the cave, mysteriously originating from an unknown source, then disappearing beneath the earth's surface. The cave consists of five picturesque cavern chamber, one of which was dedicated as a chapel in 1949. This underground chapel has been the site of over 80 wedding ceremonies and was also used as a ballroom in the late 1800's. An interesting fact about the cave is that it was also used by bootleggers during prohibition.

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