Monday, June 30, 2008

Best Places for Beginning Surfers in U.S.

For those of you just learning to surf, here are a few surfing spots you might want to consider:

Cowell's Beach, Santa Cruz, California
Some say Cowell's Beach in Santa Cruz is one of the best places in the world to learn how to surf, with long, gentle, easy waves.

Corolla Beach, Corolla, North Carolina
Located on the northern end of the Outer Banks. Nice, warm water; gentle surf during the summer.

Folly Beach—South Carolina
Located twelve miles south of Charleston, Folly Beach's surf is perfect for beginner's learning to surf.

Sebastian Inlet, Florida
The Sebastian Inlet in Florida has a beautiful beach known for its small to medium sized waves, which range from 4 feet all the way up to 10 feet. The beach is great and the waters can be rather warm, the average temperature remains around the 80s F. Great place for beginners and intermediate surfers.

Malibu Beach, Malibu, California
Malibu is definitely a prime surfing location, with almost-perfect conditions for beginners to learn how to surf. The waves are not extremely high and in most places vary between 4 feet and 6 feet. The conditions may vary according to the weather of course.

San Onofre State Beach, California
Some call San Onofre State Beach the "Waikiki of the California Coastline," offering the beginner gentle breaking waves and long sandy beaches.

Cocoa Beach, Florida
The average temperature at Cocoa Beach varies from the mid 70s all the way up to the high 80s so the weather in this area can be classified as subtropical which is a great surfing combination.

A Few Things to Consider for Beginning Surfers:

1. Try renting your board at first. At the surf shop ask for a foam longboard to start out on. These are sometimes called foamies or softboards and are far safer and easier to start out on than a short fiberglass board. The foam boards are wider and longer and therefore more stable. This makes them easier for a beginner to be able to get up on and stay up on.

2. Wearing a leash which ties you to your board is important because it keeps it from becoming a hazard to other surfers.

3. Avoid surfing in crowded areas if you are a beginner, this will keep others away from your board if you lose control.

4. Never try to ride a wave which is beyond your abilities. If you feel uncomfortable try to stay away until you gain more experience. This will help you avoid injuring yourself or someone else.

5. If you are paddling out you need to know that a surfer who is actively riding a wave has the right of way. Try to avoid crossing his path for your safety and his. Incidentally, do not try to position yourself in front of a surfer who has the right of way (sneaking).

6. Always pay attention to weather conditions. If you constantly visit your local beach you know how fast the weather can change. This is highly relevant in places with huge waves such as Hawaii.

7. All surfers should know CPR.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Fun Stuff to do in San Francisco

Looking for some fun stuff to do this summer, and a fun place to do it in?

Go to San Francisco.

The real appeal of San Francisco as a vacation destination is that it has a little something to offer everyone. From families with small children, families with teens, young couples, older couples, gay couples, gay singles, girlfriends on a getaway, etc., etc., etc.

What's happening during the months of June, July and August in San Francisco?

Stern Grove Festival
Sundays, 2:00 p.m.
June 15 – August 17, 2008

For over 70 years now San Franciscans and visitors alike have been treated to free concerts in Stern Grove, located at 19th Avenue and Sloat Boulevard. This year's concerts include the San Francisco Symphony on June 29, Allen Toussaint on July 6 and Voices of Latin Rock on July 27.

Dolores Park Movie Night 2008
Once a month during the summer

Enjoy free movies in Dolores Park, located in the Mission District at Dolores and 20th St. Future dates are July 10, August 14, September 11, and October 9. As of this writing the future movie titles have not been released, but you can check later and see if they're up there.

Yerba Buena Gardens Festival
From May to October

The Yerba Buena Gardens is a two-block complex bordered by Mission, Folsom, 3rd and 4th Streets, and is a great place to enjoy some free entertainment all summer long, including music, theater, dance, and children’s programs. Parents with children under 10 will enjoy the Children's Garden Series on Fridays and Saturdays in the Children's Garden, Howard and Fourth Streets, near the Zeum Carousel. Programs are approximately 30 minutes, two performances each day. Adults will enjoy the Latin Jazz Series which take place throughout the summer, including Homenagem Brasileira on Thursday, August 7. You can find a more complete schedule at

San Francisco Pride 2008
June 28 and 29, 2008

This 2-day event is one of the largest lesbian and gay pride celebration in the world, with a festival as well as a parade, which takes place along Market Street on June 24, 2008. The festival takes place in the Civic Center area of San Francisco, starting each day at noontime. The parade begins at 10:30AM. You can get more information at

4th Annual Pinot Days Grand Festival
June 29, 2008 - 1p to 5p

Do you love pinot noir? If you do (and if you don't, why not?) then you'll have to head on over to Fort Mason in San Francisco to taste some really fabulous pinots. The cost is $65, and you'll be able to sample up to 400 pinots from California and Oregon.

For more great things to do in San Francisco all year long, do check out our website for
things to do in San Francisco.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Dog Days of Summer at Laguna Beach

Okay, it's really too early for the "dog days of Summer," but you'd never know it looking at these three relaxing on a recent summer day at Laguna Beach. Don't forget your sunscreen!

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Win a Golf Getaway Vacation to Orlando, Florida

Love golf? Need a getaway? Don't want to pay for it? Then enter to win a 3-night, 4-day getaway to the 2008 Golf World Invitational on November 13-16, 2008. Included in this prize are 2 round-trip air tickets to Orlando, Florida, 3 nights at the Ginn Reunion Resort, and participation in the 2008 golf World Invitational you and your guest.

How do you enter?

By going to and following the entry instructions.

Who can enter?

Legal residents of the 50 United States and Distric of Columbia who are at least 18 years of age at the time of entry.

When does the sweepstakes end?

September 1, 2008 at 11:59 PM ET (yeah, they're that precise!)

Golfing in Florida is always a treat, but even better when you don't have to pay for it, right? So, go now and enter. Who knows, you just might win!