Thursday, February 07, 2008

Bodie Ghost Town in California

Are you into ghost towns? If you are you must, absolutely must
make it on over to Bodie State Historical Park, located northeast
of Yosemite, 13 miles east of Highway 395 on Bodie Road.

I haven't thought about Bodie for awhile, but when I saw a
question posed in my Squidoo Group (my Squidoo lens is, by the
way, ) about your
best travel experience in California, I immediately thought of

Bodie is one of the largest, and certainly most preserved, ghost
town in America. It's kept in a state of "arrested decay,"
meaning it won't deteriorate any further. There are numerous
streets with buildings as they were when they were deserted; you
can look inside and see things left as they were. Really
fascinating, and a little spooky. Some say it's haunted.

The streets go into the hills, so it's weird to look up at the
buildings on the hillsides in the distance and know they too sit
abandoned. There are also a couple cemetaries on the outskirts
of town. The last time I visited there were fresh flowers on
some of the graves.

When you visit be prepared to walk. It can get windy at times,
which just adds to the surrealness of it all, as the wind howls
through the deserted, haunted (again, some say) town.

Bodie was a booming gold mining town at one time. And it had a
reputation of being a mean town. Really mean. How mean? There
is this famous quote by a little girl in her diary after learning
her family was moving to Bodie. She wrote: "Goodbye God, I'm
going to Bodie." And so should everyone. It's a great visit.

The town is open all year round, from 8AM to 7PM in the time
between Memorial Day and Labor Day, and from 9AM to 4PM the rest
of the year.

Found this great YouTube video about Bodie. It focuses mostly on
the haunted side of Bodie, but you get a good idea of the town by
watching it. Enjoy.

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